Our Story 關於我們

創辦人Amanda 在開始小花園之前一直都是起司的頭號粉絲,對她來說,每一種起司就像是一個獨立的個體,從熟成度的不同,到口感的不同,就好像起司自己有自己獨特的個性,再搭配時令水果來凸顯起司特有的味道,真的是一道很特殊,很棒的美食。
在享用起司的同時,Amanda 一直也非常崇尚健康飲食的概念,也非常喜歡鷹嘴豆泥這道料理,所以特地研發各種食譜,找到自己最喜歡的鷹嘴豆泥並且堅持的要放在小花園官網上,希望可以讓更多人想用到這份獨特的全素高蛋白美食。
The founder of The Little Graze Garden has always been big fans of cheese. To her, each cheese is like a unique individual, differing in maturity and flavour and exhibiting its very own personality. Seasonal fruits are used to compliment and balance the flavour profiles of the cheese while also refreshing and cleansing the palate. Other delicious ingredients include cured meats, wholewheat crackers, beetroot hummus, blueberry jam, honeycomb, dark chocolate, and roasted nuts.

Our boxes pair perfectly with bubbly drinks such as champagne and sparkling water, although a bottle of red wine is, at times, even better.

We very much hope you enjoy the tastes and sights of The Little Graze Garden, and thank you for your support! ❤️