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可以的,只需一週前預訂,價格會依照顧客的內容而有所調整,如有此需求請Email至 info@littlegrazegarden.com

起司裡還裡面包含全麥餅乾(麩質)、乳製品、堅果; 鷹嘴豆泥裡包含大蒜,我們建議您若是擔心相關問題,還是避免食用此產品。









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Thank you for choosing The Little Garden Garden! All our products can be ordered on here on our website. Check the Shop section for a full list of products.

We recommend that the cheese box be consumed on the day it arrives to you. If you cannot finish eating it that day, please seal the gift box and put it in the refrigerator at 4 degrees for up to 7 days.

Cut a slice of the cheese, add some blueberry jam or honey, and take a bite. You can also place the cheese on a cracker. The hummus can be paired with crackers, while the tasty fruits can refresh the mouth in preparation for the next bite. 

We recommend pairing with red wine, white wine, or Prosecco. For a non-alcoholic alternative you can try sparkling water, or sprinter if you’re feeling creative.

This gift box is very suitable for opening a bottle of red wine at home to enjoy with family and friends, take it to the park for a picnic, or even share it with everyone at a party.

Yes, we have a box specially made for vegetarians right here.

If we have the ingredients in stock, then the answer is yes. Please send an email to info@littlegrazegarden

Cheese also contains graham crackers (gluten), dairy products, and nuts; hummus contains garlic. We recommend that you avoid this product if you are worried about related issues.

All orders are delivered using refrigerated transport to maintain freshness.

We’re glad you asked. Any purchase over NT$3,000 will enjoy free shipping.

Our delivery partner TA-Q-BIN (also known as Black Cat), can deliver to anywhere in Taiwan.

Your order will be shipped one week after you place your order.

We accept bank transfer, please inform us of the last five digits on your bank account


Bank code: 017 (Mega Bank)

Bank account number: 21910131676

Account Name: Pei Ching Chen